The term folklore comes from the words Folk, which means "people" and Lore, which means "Knowledge", i.e.: hear from the people. The term was adopted all over the world, but with different content. To give you some conventional uniformity at the global meeting of UNESCO.
"Folklore is a creation from a group and founded in traditional culture expressed by groups or individuals recognized as responding to the aspirations of the community, insofar as they constitute a manifestation of its identified cultural and social".
Bolivia is a country rich in traditions, rites, costumes, dances and customs, principles that are being kept from grandparents and you could say that it is from the colony to the present day.
Traditions of people prior to the colony were mixed with traditions of the Spanish colonizers to achieve fusion of clothing and traditions since then are preserved of the population on the one hand and revived folk festivities in the country, among them:

  • The famous Carnival of Oruro.
  • The entrance of Great Power in La Paz city.
  • The entry of the Virgin of nightclubs in the city of Cochabamba.
  • The feast of the Chutillos in Potosí.

These festivities are sets of dances such as la Diablada, Morenada, the Incas, the Pujllay, Los Caporales, Los Negritos, La Llamerada, Los Ahuatiris, La Tarqueada, Los Tinkus, Los Suri and many others.
Characters of the colonial era and mystical beings as the devil of the tunnels (Supay) and los angeles are represented in each dance.
These festivities presented hundreds of dancers in a waste of colours and joy in a strange mixture between paganism and Catholicism.
Another aspect of the Bolivian folklore is the characteristic of their native instruments. His melodies are dancers sing and dance to the delight of locals and foreigners. The instruments that most stand out include:

  • The charango,
  • The quena,
  • The violín once,
  • The erke,
  • The pututu,
  • The tamborcito,
  • The panpipes and
  • The ratchet among others.

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