The Andean’s New Year begins on June 21st, with the winter solstice and the beginning of a new agricultural cycle (sowing season). This is the chosen moment to celebrate the Andean New Year. The “Amautas” (Andean Priests) have found the perfect spot to rearrange the earth.
This party is perfectly integrated in our culture and still living in our hearts. The ancient indigenous farmers of the Andean highlands were guided by the observation of the astronomical phenomenon, they guide them in the moments that they have to engage various agricultural pursuits and livestock, such as planting, harvesting and breeding the Andean camelids.
With the voice of our ancestors, and the eternal song unite to the heart of Mother Earth, the Universe, the “Pachakama and the Pachamama”, it is the time for the beginning of a New Year, with the shining of the first rays of The Sun and the hope of unity in the universe, what inspires us to unite our hearts with joy for life and understanding the sacred journey.


Tiwanaku was an ancient indigenous sacred city of South America and the most important, although little is known of its history, it is believed to be the cradle of an impressive empire that spread across the high plateau.
Every 21st of June at the archeological site, a very colorful indigenous ceremony take place which recalls past customs and glories.
This day is when the first rays of sun stream through “La Puerta del Sol”, door of the temple Kalasasaya illuminating the magnificent monolith “Ponce”. Native Andeans from Bolivia, Chile and Peru, celebrate this day as the beginning of the Andean New Year with rituals and offerings to “Inti” (Sol) and “Pachamama” (Mother Earth) who are invoked and praised for fertility of the soil and to ensure prosperity for crops and livestock.
The purpose of the ritual is to ensure the reproduction of nature with the blessings from the Sun for sowing and harvest, this commemorates this ancient ritual which is practiced by the Aymara communities.


03:30am. We start by picking up the tourists from their centrally located hotels/hostels in the city of La Paz, to go through a paved road to Tiawanaku, located two hours from La Paz by transport, we will arrive at Tiwanaku and we will go to the Temple of "Kalasasaya" to watch the Sunrise. Sharing with hundreds of national and foreign tourists waiting for the first rays of Sun with hands extended towards them to recharge the new energies to have a better year, we will also find indigenous bands livening the great festival to receive the new Andean year, we will participate in the main ceremony 12th century "Tayta Inti" next to the Andean priests. After receiving the new Andean year we will visit the archaeological site of Tiawanaku and the traditional typical fair which is held that day in the main square of the Tiwanaku people.
Included: Tourist transportation, breakfast, entry, guide.
Note: Wear exceptionally warm clothing (gloves, hat and scarf).

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