Without a doubt it is the most important building with the ancient colonial architecture in South America, constructed by Don Salvador de Vila who also projected and constructed the Mexican and Peruvian Coin Houses. The construction of this particular house was due to the large amounts of silver extracted from Cerro Rico, impressive city growth, expansion of trade and unexpected economic booming of the city was among other factors, but it is believed that the main reason for the building was to organize coinage and to create the currency.
Here is where currency and coinage first began, immediately on the basis of “Rudimentary Technology” which was maintained for more the two hundred years since 1572 with its remarkable laminating machines, and three sets of wooden gears brought from Spain, the huge cedar beams that support the floors, roofs and the elliptical dome where the main furnace for smelting silver is located, we also highlight the file where over 80,000 unpublished documents concerning the life in Potosi are kept in secure archives and not to mention the huge noticeable mask which characterizes the humor of the Casa de la Moneda Museum.
The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.
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