Tarabuco is located 64 km away from the city of Sucre in the department of Chuquisaca, capital of the Yamparáez Province. It is also the birth place of the Yamparara culture it is one of the most important and largest Indian centers of attraction because of its dances, music and costumes, as well as its old traditions which are kept alive in the actuality.
The Tarabuco Carnival consists of locals celebrating the pre-Hispanic festivity of “Jaun Pocoy” (High Maturity) and “Pauker Waray (Sacrifice to the Sun) which commemorates the victory of the Yamparaes over the Spanish in the battle of March 12th 1816, for the independence from the Spain. As a consequence, the festival of Tarabuco is held on the second Sunday of March, every year.
Members of the local indigenous community gather in order to host the Pujllay Festival. This festival is a parade in colorful Yampara traditional costumes which preserve their identity, Pujllay music and the Pujllay dance are a representation of the spread of flowers and agriculture throughout the land. Along the festival various ceremonies for the fertility of the fields are held and characterized by the Pujllay music and their clothes as well.


After breakfast pick up from hotel/hostel in Sucre and depart through the asphalted road to the City of Tarabuco where old traditions such as Trueque (Change of products or supplies) are still maintained. Here you will observe the colorful attire, variety of textiles, music. Following the visit we will head towards the community of Jatun Yampara which is one of the oldest cultures of the continent where you can appreciate typical homes, attire and customs of the locals. Dedicated to the Andean culture and the production of textiles, ceramics and arts from the Yampara culture, you may acquire textiles, arts and craft directly from the artisans themselves.
Included: Transport, guide and lunch.

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