Easter is a time for Spiritual Retreat hence this is why many devoted followers make the 150km pilgrimage from the city of La Paz to Copacabana; the celebration lasts three days in which thousands of devoted followers of all ages arrive to holy sanctuary of “La Virgen de Copacabana”.

The “Virgin of Copacabana”

The image carved in wood by Tito Yupanqui descendant of Inca Huayna Capac is part of the Virgen de la Candelaria and has Indian features in its physiognomy, the body is composed of laminated clay in fine gold and clothing similar to the Inca princesses, thus, the devotion by Incan natives of the region. The Virgin of Copacabana was humbly enthroned in a poor church and stones on February 2nd,1583, which makes it one of the oldest sanctuaries in America (now it is “The Basilica of our lady of Copacabana”) with its silver altars of Nicaraguan cedar, gold art work as well as Cusquenian decorations which adorn the altars of the Basilica.
Here in Copacabana you will also find the “Calvario” (Calvary) where you will find the Stations of the Cross and with each station the faithful pilgrims take and leave small rocks as a sign that they were there, and as penitence for each sin committed within the syncretism of the Aymara people.

Morning pickup service from hotel/hostel in the city of La Paz and go through a paved road for approximately 3 hours to the peninsula of Copacabana, located at 151 km from the city of La Paz. The curvy road surrounds the great Lake Titicaca with an impressive view of the Cordillera Real and of the lake itself. Once there, you´ll have accommodation and the rest of the day is free to visit the Holy Sanctuary of "La Virgen Morena".
Included: Transport (La Paz – Copacabana) + Hotel (Copacabana).

08:00am pick up from hotel in order to initiate the tour to La Isla del Sol (Sun Island) across the lake for about an hour and a half until we reach the southern part of La Isla del Sol, where we will visit the Archaeological remains of Pilkokaina “Inca Temple” (religious center). Right after you´ll take a short walk to the steps of Yumani built by our ancestors leading up to the fountain of youth, here you can purify yourself by drinking some of the sacred water which myths and legends say that the water is the source of eternal youth.
After our visit you´ll return to the dock and board boat towards “Isla de la Luna” (Island of the Moon) where you will find the archeological remains of “Iñac Uyu”, temple destined for cults to the Moon also called “Ajillawasi” or House of the Virgins to the Sun. After the visit you will return to Copacabana and have accommodation at a hotel/hostel for the evening.
Included: Tour to Isla del Sol/Luna (boat, guide and entrance fees) + Hotel (Copacabana)

After breakfast we explore Copacabana for about 2 hours, visiting the “Virgen Morena Anctuary”, the local fair of Copacabana and then ascend to the “Calvary” where you will see the so called “Yatiris” (witch doctors who practice witchcraft and fortune telling). You will have lunch around noon and depart to the city of La Paz or Puno at 13:30 pm.
Included: Breakfast, lunch + tour bus Copacabana - La Paz/Puno.

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