Samaipata in the native Quechua language means “place to rest in between mountains” and it had a significant role in the Pre-Inca’ civilization. On the other hand, it has been declared "Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO in 1999. Travelling through the old road connecting Santa Cruz and Cochabamaba. At approximately 120 kilometers from Santa Cruz, you will find the small town of Samaipata, with its warm climate and the beauty of its plants.
The archeological site of “El Fuerte de Samaipata” is found 6 kilometers from the town of Samaipata and its main attraction is the largest carved stone in the world The origins of this enormous carved rock (the largest in the world) are not fully known; however, it appears to have been an ancient ceremonial site carved initially by the Mojocoyans and occupied later on by the Incas.. This archeological site dates from the fourteenth century and it is believed to be the religious and cultural center of the area between the fourteenth and sixteenth century. This archeological monument known popularly as “El Fuerte” is composed by different ceremonial chambers and a hydraulic system which allows the measure and intensity of rainfall to have the perfect farming climate. Its location plays a huge role in astronomy, besides being a place where ceremonial rituals where performed for the gods, Samaipata apparently was an important temple used to communicate with the Incan Gods.

07:30 am pick up from hotel/hostel in Santa Cruz and travel through the paved road for 2.5 hours with an impressive panoramic view of its beautiful and tropical surroundings. Arriving to the pre-Inca remains called “El Fuerte de Samaipata” you will visit the archeological site, here you will observe the carved stone with figures of serpents and pumas, Later on, we will visit the town of Samaipata where we will observe an Archeological Museum that houses artifacts uncovered during the excavation of the fort and other findings, Next, we will return to the city of Santa Cruz.
Included: Private Transport, guide, entrance fee and lunch.

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