Welcome to this spiritual journey through the Andes in search of messages of wisdom and energy stored inside our guardians "Achachilas or Apus". During our tour we will visit magical energy places.
Mystic tourism can take the diversity of customs of our regions that are rich in cultures and beliefs, which is based on the development of the person usually using knowledge and ancestral wisdom and natural elements that mother Earth gives us...
Come and be part of this new experience, the new way of seeing the world and understand life is a gift of our grandfathers and grandmothers. And learn from their wisdom and perceive the strength of their worldview that comes from the universe and the force of the Earth, these are two converging forces that are expressed throughout the process of life.
That is why we must understand and make it part of our lives the ancestral stories, not only is it summing up the past but it is to understand and get in touch with the natural life of the present that offers us the Earth and the worldview of growth beyond what we see within ourselves. Grow spiritually and find a balance with those around us.

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